School is out

Well school is out for me right now. I took a poetry class and was a little disappointed that I didn’t like the class. I guess I like poetry, but I don’t like someone telling me my deepest feelings and thoughts are wrong. Or at least I put them wrong on paper. When it’s fiction, I understand as I’m just making up a story and you want just the right word, but with poetry, at least the poetry I write, I just lay all out there. Maybe that’s called my diary and not poetry:-)

Here is a poem I did.


The Rock


The Rock

Fall on me gently.

Save me from this circle.

Spinning down, the vortex of water doesn’t stop.

Circling ever deeper.

I need a hand.

Pull me from this trap.

Let me cling to


The Rock

Lifts me up

With stepping stones.

Blows on me.

Brings me to riverside.

Deep roots sink into life.

The Rock

Course through me, bringing Spring.

Your fragrance!

Swirling around me in

Shades of lavender

Layers of lilac

I’m alive!

The Rock

Calls to me

Pull others out.

Bring them to the riverside

Draw others to life

Life is

The Rock






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