New Year

For some reason, I have been feeling as though we are entering a new year. It is such an odd feeling. Maybe it’s just for me, but I feel newness and mercy in the air. I feel this new year is ushering in the year of mercy.

This is just what I’m sensing in the Spirit. I see a person stepping behind the torn veil.

The song, “You could’ve had it all.” by Adele keeps going through my mind, but I feel God changing the words to a positive of “You can have it all.” You can roll in the deep. I want it all. I want to go in the deep with Spirit.

I sense a calling. A strong calling from Spirit to step forward into the deep this year. It could be because it is my daughter’s birthday today, but it seems so much more.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings about what I’m sensing in the Spirit. 🙂



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