I’ve recently been confronted by change and healing. I’ve been confronted by the reality of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Healing can only come with change. I always wondered why Jesus asked people what they wanted before he healed them of their obvious problems. He was asking, do you want to be healed, do you want to become who you were created to be or do you want to continue in this circle of woundedness, which gives us excuses to remain the same.

It takes courage to change. It takes courage to no longer identify with woundedness. It takes Spirit to step away from the complaining unchanged masses and walk in the light of truth. When we do let go of what we know and step into something new, it’s as if this vault of doors opens into a whole world of opportunities.

It was hard for me to see the truth of not wanting to change. I thought I was the queen of change, but God showed me there was a change I was not okay with and that was the change of my identity. I love physical change and I love the rush as I watch God do his thing in change, but the change of my identity scared me. I identified with woundedness, shame and a bad upbringing. I carried those scars with pride. But God wants me to be willing to identify with wholeness. He wants me to become the new creation he died to give me. I am a new. That is the truth and however scary it is to walk that out, I’m going to do it. My spirit needs a change of scenery. I will let go and step into the deep.

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