Nitty Gritty

I decided the segment I will take from my life is how my husband and I got together and the redemption that came out of it.

I fully believe that God can redeem any circumstance or situation. His grace does not stop when we get saved. He loved us before we were saved, how much more after we are saved. I’m going to put it all out there first before trying to explain it or try to help you understand why it happened.

I’ve only told a few people at our current church. So here goes.

Here is the short of it. I got into a car accident. It messed up my back pretty good. After seeing the car, Matt decided life was too short and he wanted to be with me. The only problem was he was currently married. Within one week, he left his wife and moved in with me. We lived together unmarried until his divorce was final and then we got married.

Sounds pretty bad in straight forward black and white. How about something else to make it worse. Matt was on the worship team and we were both youth leaders. We left the church without being asked. We hurt many people.

Next post, I’ll explain some things, but I’ll let that sink in.