The Bride

I attended a wedding last Spring. It was a beautiful mountain wedding. I remember sitting in the audience. The bride was going to come down this narrow dirt path off to the side. I had the good fortune to be on the side where she was going to come in. There were some bushes and small trees in the way before the path opened up and people would be able to see her. I was watching, earnestly waiting for her, and then I saw a flash of white coming through the bushes and my breath caught. The bride was coming! I was so excited. She became clearer as she continued down this unassuming path. It was so beautiful.

Just tonight I was spending time with God, feeling a little guilty for having to force myself to listen to worship music and spend some quiet time with him. It’s not that I don’t want to do it — it’s all the other things that seem to stand up and make themselves seem more important. I was listening to the music and the memory of the bride and my excitement came flashing back. I heard/felt Jesus say, “This is how I feel every time a miracle happens and my people spend time with me.” He said, “The heavens rejoice and I walk around the ‘room’ going, that’s my boy! That’s my girl! It is a miracle every time that happens and I love it!”

I just felt his mercy and grace wash over me. He loves his bride. His breath catches every time we reach out to spend time with him. Not that asking of him is wrong, but to just want to hang with God and get to know him, takes his breath away.

Just like when you catch that first glimpse of the bride.