Some more…

I had stopped spending time with God. I started to try and recapture my youth, which is hard to do with two little boys. I started smoking cigarettes again, I don’t even know why – twenty-five and stupid I guess. (I know there are some smart twenty-five year olds out there.) I was driving down the road and trying to light a cigarette while looking back to see if I could change lanes. I look up and there are cars stopped ahead of me. There shouldn’t have been. I didn’t even have time to break. I smashed my Cavalier into a Pontiac while going 45 miles an hour. In a tribute to Pontiacs, the woman I hit only suffered a mild whip lash and a small dent in her bumper. My car was totaled. I did a face plant into my airbag. I didn’t have a seatbelt on. (We’ll talk about my self destructive behavior later)

The ambulance came and patched me up, while the cops wrote me a ticket. I refused to go to the hospital because I wasn’t sure if my insurance would pay for it. They towed my car and left me at the scene of the accident with no way to get home.