The Habit of Escape

Merriam-Webster defines escapism as,

“habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine”

I mentioned previously that I was addicted to food. I am really addicted to eating and reading. I am addicted to eating and watching TV. Oh and I’m addicted to reading without eating. I’m addicted to Yahoo News. I’m slightly addicted to Facebook, but not the games and videos, just the wonderful people and what they are doing. I thought about all this and what these things have in common, which is escapism. I’m addicted to escapism. You can substitute the word addicted for habit and it would mean the same thing. I’ve cultivated a habit of escapism.

I then wondered what would happen if I escaped into the Bible (not just the amazing Old Testament stories either). What if I escaped into prayer? What if I escaped into worship music? I got chills as I thought about the potential. Then last night I dreamt.

I was in line for a feast. There was a group before us and then when they left, we were able to file in. My husband and I sat at a table with two men we didn’t know because of lack of space. We were then allowed to watch what seemed like a play, but people were really living their lives like reality TV. The people were in trouble and a *fake Jesus came to help. Then I just knew the real Jesus was on his way. I jumped up and entered the “actors” area. I yelled, Yes! I crouched down as I realized everyone else had remained sitting and were looking at me annoyed or with condescending amusement. I sat on the floor waiting for Jesus with as much excitement as Elf when he thought Santa was coming to visit the department store. I was so excited. My alarm rudely woke me up right before Jesus walked into the room.

I thought about the dream and what it meant. I believe our dreams have meaning and God can talk to us through our dreams. I have had a small amount of training in Biblical dream interpretation, but mostly just rely on Holy Spirit to give me wisdom about my dreams.

I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me to get off the bleachers and live. Don’t just sit on the sidelines and graze, but get up and get into the action. Yes, I’m getting some nourishment by watching how God is working, but there is so much more that could be mine by actually living in God’s movements!

I’m going to practice escaping into God. I want to be as excited in real life about Jesus as I was in my dream. I was SO excited in my dream. I was awakened so suddenly that it carried over as I woke up.

This song spoke to me regarding these thoughts and I love their harmony. Come Alive by BarlowGirl

*Practicing full disclosure regarding the fake Jesus, I have recently read Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor.

Photo taken by Matthew Schulz.



I had a funny thought run through my mind today. I was thinking about God. I have been thinking how I want more authority in my life. It’s ridiculous to think how little we walk in the authority we have been given. Luke 10 –  power over all the enemy. I enjoy NLT version the best I think.

Why don’t I walk in the authority I’ve been given? Because I don’t know Jesus. I don’t know Spirit or the Father like I should. Immediately Elf ran through my mind like a video clip. There was Elf (Will Ferrell) finding out that Santa was coming to the store. He just starts screaming, “Santa’s coming, Santa’s coming. I know him! I know him!” He was so excited.

I thought, I want to be just like that. Okay, maybe not that obnoxious, but I want that kind of excitement and knowing beyond knowing of who God is. I need it to go down to my spirit, my core.

I’ve made some progress in this area, but the more I think about what Jesus made possible on the cross and resurrection, the more I know about God and actually know God, the more everyday things I get caught up in seem so petty.

All of the ways I use to cope, which do not involved God, seem so pointless. The times I have given to anxiety and what ifs are robbery. John 10:10, NLT ~ “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.”

I want to be Elf.