A Sign of Freedom

I used to see surrender as a sign of defeat, but it is really a sign of freedom. I’ve been in the habit these past few weeks of giving my anxiety and hurts over to God. I imagine my pain in the form of a writhing worm inside a box. I hand the box over to God and release the anxiety and hurt back to him. I surrender it. The feeling of peace I have after that is amazing.

I started reading a book that’s been around for a few years called Loving our Kids on Purpose, by Danny Silk. I’ve only read Danny’s quotes on Facebook before this book. Our youngest is 15 and our other two are adults so it may seem too late to read this book, but I have learned so much from it. I have learned things I can still pass on to my children and hopefully help them with their own children. But mostly, I’ve learned things about how I relate to God. I’ve learned things about freedom – how important freedom is to the Father and how freedom and relationship works together.

This quote woke me up to God and freedom:

Speaking about Adam and Eve: “Without the option of making a poor choice in that environment, they would not have been free….This story show us the importance of freedom to our loving Father. Without freedom to reject Him, we are powerless to choose Him. Obedience is a choice.”

This got me thinking about choices. I have freedom from God to make choices – good or bad – because of the Cross. I am not powerless. That is a lie from the enemy. I can choose the way of peace. I can choose the way of freedom. I am not trapped in an unhealthy body. I am not trapped in anxiety or fear. I have the freedom to choose to believe the truth and reject the lies.

I love this Bethel song: Freedom

Freedom is ours and we walk it out with every choice we make.