Hunger and Need

As a child growing up, I only had God to look after me. First my mother left and then my two older sisters – all the people in my life that took care of me. Then there was only God. Fortunately I had learned about God by the time I was six (thank you Mom and Dad!). Therefore, when I was left alone (or felt like I was left alone), I asked him for every little thing. This produced a dependance upon him and gave me a distinct advantage in the category of becoming like a child. “…Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 18:3 NIV, 2011)

Not to say I have perfected it. I am fiercely independent from the help of others and don’t always communicate my needs or feelings like I should. It’s from too many years of being alone. Being a single parent for ten years did not help that either. Sometimes I get too busy or let worries and anxious thoughts rule my mind. I have to slow down and remember that God has always been there for me and I need to talk to him.

All that to say, I’ve always recognized my need for God to some degree depending where I’m at and what I’m doing in that stage of my life. It makes me so thankful for my upbringing.

That’s right, I said it. I am so thankful for the things that happened to me. It has helped me to recognize my need. It has helped me to never stray too far from a conversation with the Father. This in turn has been a catalyst for me getting to know the other persons of the Trinity.

Need and Hunger are vital in our walk with God. I think we are all hungry, but we just don’t recognize it. Realizing our need is the first huge step in changing and becoming like children.

God is the only one that can fill us and he is only a conversation away.